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Friday, February 10, 2006

Big Mouth+Small Face=Beautiful!

From another page of the Annals of Japanese Quackery, I present

The Slim Mouth Piece

Despite it's misleading name, this gadget is supposed to make your mouth bigger, not smaller. BIGGER? Yes, bigger. Who on earth would want this? Well, the theory is that if you widen your mouth, you will have the appearance of a small face, so prized by the Japanese.

Apparently, this device comes in regular, small, and large sizes so no matter what size your face is, you can have the mouth of your dreams! Now, that is weird!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find this disturbing, while at the same time, oddly alluring.

Go ahead, stretch those lips. No, just a little bit more. There, that's good. Now try a little more. Remember to moisturize.



4:29 PM  
Blogger A.R.Yngve said...

This type of gadget goes back a looong way. I have seen authentic weekly magazines from the the early 20th century (1905, 1913) with ads for similar devices. These gizmos promised to stretch and squeeze ugly noses (or other body parts) into beautiful shapes, but mostly resembled horrible torture instruments.
(Just like dental braces, then?)

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not the one to make our mouth bigger!!
This is for moving muscle around mouth. You are supposed to pucker up lips with this tool, and it'll help you to move the muscle you rarely use in daily life.

The muscle movement also helps you to lose fat on face. THIS will make our face smaller and beautiful! NO JAPANSESE GIRLS WANT TO MAKE OUR MOUTH BIGGER!
Yeah, I'm a Japanese girl:P

2:41 PM  

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